Corporate Services

In-House services

In-House services

Corporate Gets?

Our services extend to rendering an In-House travel desk for more efficient result depending on your staff strength.

For our In-House services, you stand to benefit:

  • Easy access to travel services at all times.

  • Issuance of local and international tickets with flexible options when needed.

  • Creation of new and amended bookings on short notice.

  • Reduction of waiting time for mails, response and phone calls.

  • Creation of airline recognition for your company.

  • Negotiation of special fares on your well flown routes e.g. Aberdeen, Paris, Houston, Washington, London, New York, Dubai etc.

  • Management of accrued miles through different airlines’ frequent flyer programs.

  • Advise on present and future airline policy at a glance at every fortnight as an update.

  • Registration of staff on their regular airlines in order to get free tickets, discounts and access to other exclusive services.

  • Online check-in facilities for boarding passes and seat allotment of your choice.

  • Laptops and other mobile devices will be given to members of our staff delegated to your office in order to attend to emergencies and after hour’s services.

  • Hotel reservations, insurance and physical responsibility will be guaranteed. Payment in Nigeria for hotel all over the world on GTA France.

  • Car hire / protocol service, advice on immigration requirements for embassy purpose.